What is this program all about?

Hi, Prashanth G here,

I have a question for you. Would you like me to help you? 

Build A Professional brand and Get clients on call regularly so that helps win more sales, exceed sales targets?

If yes, then this will be the most exciting opportunity you will ever receive

Here is why? 

It is no secret that I am active on LinkedIn and the majority of new clients we get are with LinkedIn. 

In fact, Everything I do to get my sales pipeline to grow stars with LinkedIn.

Today if and when we need more clients, I reach 100’s of prospects using a campaign that is automated and get easily 6-8 prospects on call every week.

These are sales leaders, founders, and CEOs of companies.

It is not for our own business but also for many of our partners we have helped this.

That is why prospecting on LinkedIn is the quickest and most cost-effective to get qualified b2b client bookings, schedule demo sessions, invite them for events,s, etc.

When I say qualified means, the prospects who we get from LinkedIn convert the highest. We run have ads running, we also have optimized website, cold calling happens but the quality from LinkedIn is the best.

So, for anyone who is selling to a business, enterprise and wants new clients, having a system that uses LinkedIn to reach out and gain appointments is the best thing to happen.

I am sure if you are watching this means, you are either a professional, business owner and you want to grow the network, build your sales pipeline so you can get those sales!

I can help you achieve this success.

Prospecting on LinkedIn is a sure way to achieve success

Let’s also accept that today, to get prospects to come on call or to see a demo is not possible unless there is relation and trust they have with you, your company.

That is why

46% of B2B reps fail to attain quota (CSO insights) &

42% of leaders, founders, cite prospecting as a skill gap that exists!!

This is where LinkedIn Prospecting Program I teach helps you build the kind of relation b/w you and your prospect.

The total value of this program is 24995/- But why I am offering you this program at such a low price because,

For the fact that I know that if you practice what is covered in the program, you will grow your pipeline with qualified sales appointments, and you will achieve sales success.

The more success you get, I am sure you will appreciate the value of new tools and learnings which we offer as we go along.

Let me tell you what this program is all about,

The program comes with 7 modules that include,

1. A proven framework for success on LinkedIn Prospecting

2. Optimize your profile that helps standout among your prospects

3. Way to build niche target audience & database of qualified prospects

4. Psychology & influence principles to help you start a conversation with a cold audience

5. Types of first connect message that gets 70% and above connection success

6. A messaging playbook with actual scripts you can use to run campaigns

7.  How to automate everything using free & paid tools as well as LinkedIn Navigator

The program includes the various as building prospect profile, value proposition, messaging scripts, and multiple case studies so in just a 2 week time you can implement all and start engaging your prospects.

But this is not all.

1. I am going to review the profile of yours spending 30 minutes and coach you to setup completion that is worth 14995/-

2. You will also get access to a telephone course, that is worth 3995/ so you know how to make appointments with clients to actual sales

3. Finally, if you think that after completing this course you didn’t find useful, 30 days no question asked money-back guarantee exists. We want to make sure you get results, else we don’t charge. But all you need to do is complete the workbook and do the work as said. Fair right!!

So what else you are waiting for, go ahead and click the link below to get access to the course now.

I will be waiting to see you, on the other side.

The course curriculum

  Fundamentals of LinkedIn Outreach
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Increase personal brand with optimised profile
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Key factors to create success in LinkedIn Outreach
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Building your prospect database
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Messaging Playbook to Generate appointments
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Automation & Advanced LinkedIn Features
Available in days
days after you enroll

i'm Prashanth Godrehal

Your trainer and coach here.

I have been in business and sales for 7 years and before that, I worked for 15+ in the tech industry as a product manager.

I am passionate about marketing and sales and have worked with 100's of companies, founders, professionals to achieve business and sales success.

I am an Engineer and also have a Business Excellence certification from Hass School of Management, Berkeley USA, and Business Coach Certified from Rapid Coaching Academy, USA.

Your course is available for

Find your top prospects

Learn multiple techniques to find the top prospects and build a lead list that can be nurtured to gain appointments

Write messages that get replies

Master the messaging playbook that gets instant connection with prospects and builds rapport and gets replies to you

Close more deals and earn top $

Make the who set up repeatable such that you can start closing more deals, get more people to do in team and win clients, earn $