About the Course

The more information you have about your prospects, the better your success in sales. But how can you get the information from your prospects? Learn the #1 skill that can help you master that.

Why do I need this course?

Do you wish that you just knew what your customer's exact needs, wants so you can propose the right solution?

Then you are at the right place.

The art & science of asking is one of the core skills that the top 1% of sales professionals master to understand in-depth client needs, desires wants.

As Dan Pink says, In the new world of sales, being able to ask the right questions is more valuable than providing the right answers

Unfortunately, our schools often have the opposite emphasis. They teach us how to answer

The key to success in sales comes down to your ability to uncover client needs, goals, pains, challenges, better than competitors. And asking questions skill is key to that.

My own sales success I attribute to this one skill and teaching this technique to others, I know it wasn't just a fluke for me.

People who have developed this skill have doubled or even tripled close rates while reducing pricing pressure.

What you will learn as part of this course is,

1. Why should we ask questions in sales?

2. Understanding the types of questions

3. Preparing the set of questions for your products | solutions

4. Leading the sales conversation by asking questions

5. Funnel Technique that gets clients to share all the information

6. Guidelines for asking questions

7. Leveraging questioning skills across the sales process

8. Practicing tips of this skill development

Hi, I’m Krishna G

Partner, Sales Trainer & Coach. GrowthAspire

I have 3 decades of experience in sales delivery, sales consultancy, and training.

Personally, I have trained and coached more than 10000+ in sales across 22 industries to participants from India, the US, Europe, and East Asian countries.

My main interest is in helping professionals with mastering selling skills and sales management.

Master your questioning skills today

Learn the skills of open & leading asking questions

Learn how the skill of asking questions helps you uncover client needs

Know your customer by developing good questions

Learn what are the questions one must avoid during sales conversations and what types of questions gives best results

Worksheet & Templates

Download the tools and templates and also top 25 questions for B2B Sales