Why this course?

Are you struggling to build a qualified sales pipeline? Have you been using e-mail outreach and not been successful or wondering if e-mail works to get more appointments? Then watch this video to know, how you can transform your business success with this simple free tool

Do you find quality lead generation the biggest challenge and stressful?

I did too.

I used to try everything from networking, mass campaigns, cold call, referrals, SEO to get appointments to leads. But all this caused only more and more stress and wasted time and money until I learned there is a free tool at my disposal if I use it correctly gets me appointments like anything.

Yes, after I realized the power of e-mail and how to communicate with cold prospects, the mental triggers top sales copiers, marketers use, there is no lookback. E-mail outreach has given us the highest appointments at the lowest cost and time

After teaching this to others across 20+ industries, I can say my result is no fluke. It can be achieved by anyone. But 98% of people using email to get qualified appointments and not getting results.

Sending e-mail is not enough, there is a right way to do it, and which TOP 1% know and are using and getting the results. I am going to share the same

In this course, you will learn

1. Why e-mail for your B2B prospecting

2. The science of influencing and mental triggers for cold e-mail prospecting

3. What common mistakes to avoid in e-mail prospecting

4. #1 strategy to be applied with e-mail prospecting

5. How to create messages to get the audience attention

6. Anatomy of a perfect cold e-mail templates

7. Campaigns - the key to success for e-mail messages

8. Proven scripts and campaigns you can use in your business

9. Technology to automate your e-mail outreach

Hi, I’m Prashanth Godrehal

I am a partner and business coach at GrowthAspire.

I work with business owners, proactive sales leaders, and professionals who are frustrated with the top of sales and marketing funnel activities and know opportunities are being missed!

I want to help them grab those opportunities, increase their success rate by multiple times with the right tools, technology.

I have coached and trained professionals across 20+ industries and help them achieve 3X sales success.

Example Curriculum

The cold e-mail course available to you

Start getting appointments

Learn cold e-mail to create build and nurture prospects and get appointments and sales

Achieve the highest sales & ROI

Learn how e-mail can become you #1 channel to get appointments and sales with lowest cost and time investment

Become a sales champion

Grow your confidence and achieve sales with less stress