Want to become a sales presentations champion & win sales?
Let me ask you a question. Do you find making sales presentations stressful? If you say yes, then you are not alone.
I too felt making proposals, and presentations stressful, and not just you & I, 9/10 of people I speak of founders, sales professionals, and business development executives find it stressful.
That is because the #1 factor for your sales success is dependent on how well your presentation goes.
Any mistake in this step of sales, you almost lost it and recovery is near impossible!
In spite of this, studies show only a small % of sellers are formally trained in the neuroscience and psychology of making winning presentations.
Hence most sellers are giving their chance to luck! Instead of making it a predictable outcome as any other part of the business.
Now, when I say making sales presentations here, it is not literally about doing just presentations.
The sales presentation is unlike any other presentation. The outcome of a sales presentation is not a clap, or thank you but it is the results. Is the deal moving forward towards close or gone?
Hence the purpose of the sales presentation or proposal is to influence and motivate your buyers to buy from you.
It also means rejecting all other options they have. From competitor solutions, their internal solution, or even the option of choosing to delay the purchase.
The ability to influence and motivate buyers is not easy as agreeing to buy means,

1. Buyer is ready for change
2. He is willing to start a new relation
3. He is willing to exchange money

If you have bought any new, complex solutions, you can relate, many factors go into deciding, and sometimes it is exhausting.
So unless your sales presentation follows the right structure and uses influencing principles and persuasive mental triggers required to take action, your results will always be lower.

If you have heard these typical responses from clients,
1. I will get back
2. This is good but not for us,
3. Can you do it at a 50% lower price,
4. Why should I pay higher to you
Then your presentation is not serving!
But you can fix this now. I have studied books on psychology, brain research, neuro persuasion, influence, and NLP and found the key secrets adopted by the TOP 1% of salespeople when they make presentations.
After practicing those I have achieved phenomenal results.
Also now, I don't find any stress in making presentations. I find it more fun.
Teaching this to others and having similar success shows this is not a fluke or works in any one industry.

These same teachings work as it is based on human psychology and neuroscience and behaviour.
What you will learn in this course is
1. The psychology of making buying decisions
2. 3 brain research that is must understand
3. The science of influence and persuasion
4. The 8 neuro persuasion triggers for making buyers take action
5. The key to building credibility, authority, and influence principles
6. How to create a powerful presentation following the 3S framework
7. The structure of the presentation that gets you maximum success
8. The style of nonverbal skills - voice modulations
9. Making video presentation skills

What you are going to discover

  Introduction to the sales presentation that sell
Available in days
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  Being persuasive by using mental triggers
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Influencing buyers while making presentations
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Creating impactful sales presentations
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Delivering presentations that gets YES
Available in days
days after you enroll

Hi, I'm Prashanth Godrehal

I am a partner and business coach at GrowthAspire.

I work with business owners, proactive sales leaders who are doing OK but are frustrated with the top of sales and marketing funnel activities and know opportunities are being missed out the month on month.

I work with them to help grab those opportunities, increase the success rate by multiple times by applying the proven strategy, tools, technology.

I have built 2 businesses from scratch and helped them scale and helped many leaders on sales, marketing, and psychology of selling.

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Science of sales presentation
Increase sales success by 3X

Increase your sales success by applying the proven skills to making sales presentations that get buyers to say YES.

Logical and emotional needs
Learn to connect emotionally

Master the science of influencing and persuasion & brain triggers, to connect to buyers emotionally and help them take action

How to create structure and flow for your sales presentation
More confidence in making presentations

Using the proven tools and templates, you never have searched for making any presentations. With no stress, you are confident to present to any buyers across mediums