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Do you find using a telephone for prospecting tough?

I did too. Until I decided to learn the skills and practice them, I was finding it difficult to call an unknown person for the first time.

Today I have made some of my biggest sales by gaining appointments over the telephone

Telephone calling is most effective to reach top buyers and engage them and get them to converse. But studies have shown it is also the most disliked activity.

The reason is there are too many people who have abused telephone sales and buyers hate cold calling.

But telephone if used rightly can be most effective.

Selling success with a telephone course is built on the premise that only with human communication connection gets built. Voice is a great medium of communication.

This course gives you the exact skills, tools, techniques, and attitude on how to do an initial conversion on the phone to gain appointments

This is ideal if you are beginning in sales or experienced in sales but struggling to find success over calling.

Our survey shows that 70% of salespeople want to learn telephone skills. Does phone selling scare you! If you are the one who needs to do prospecting, then definitely yes!

An appointment will lead to prospects converting into sales. Gaining meetings is the key. You will learn all the little tips and strategies that make you most effective and efficient and every step of the prospecting process. You will learn

  1. Perfect Openers to Gain meeting
  2. How to call like a true professional
  3. How to use your power of voice to gain meetings
  4. Understand the mindset required for calling
  5. Practice proven method for dealing with gatekeepers
  6. A proven way to handle the common objections
  7. Responding appropriately for the text messages
  8. Driving internal motivation to become successful in prospecting

If you are in selling and you are keen to find the ways to build your pipeline and the initial conversation is not providing you the impact, then enroll in this course to master the key skill.

Hi, I'm Krishna G

Partner, Sales Trainer & Coach at GrowthAspire

I have been in sales for 33+ years starting as a sales executive to managing the sales team for 17+ years and as a trainer and coach for the last 14 years.

I have trained & coached 12K professionals & leaders in sales across 18 industries and in 15 countries.

The selling success with the telephone

Maximize your call efficiency

Your leads are highly valuable. With this course, you will become more efficient in making calls and converting leads to qualified prospects and sales

Rely on the personal touch

Calling over the phone doesn't mean you cannot establish a personal connection. Sales can happen only when a connection establishes and this course helps you build those.

Be more confident

Confidence is key to winning sales. On completing this course, you feel more confident and that helps to gain more appointments and leads